CD Business Cards

An Original Idea That Will Impress Your Customers

A CD as a business card – a business card as a CD.
We can produce CDs in the shape of a normal business card!

You will be sure to impress your customers with such an attractive marketing tool – a special CD business card. Besides the normal text in the business-card style a CD card may contain any digital information up to a total capacity of 25 MB. CD business cards are an ideal place for storing texts, photographs, video sequences, spoken word or music, catalogues, presentations and forms.

Typical use:

  • Business cards
  • Invitations to congresses, exhibitions etc.
  • Entrance tickets (concerts, cultural events…)
  • Promotional purposes (presentations etc.)

Typical customer:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Cultural agencies
  • Multimedia manufacturers
  • Companies in all fields

Take a look at our technical specification.