DVD Printing


  •  Printing DVD5 and DVD9 and 8 cm /3 inch DVD (mini) with capacity 1,34 GB and  2,41 GB using the screen-printing and offset methods with up to 6 colours (CMYK or PANTONE)
  • Printing DVD10 and 8 cm / 3 inch DVD (mini) with capacity 2,68 GB
    (1,34 GB + 1,34 GB) on request
  • Printing DVD-Rs with the screen-printing method

Preparing the films, i.e. the input material required for producing the films and the subsequent DVD printing, please keep in mind particularly the quality of the input material, which should meet mainly the following criteria:

  • Defining colours
    we use the “PANTONE Matching System” colour scale for spot colour printing
  • Delivering the proof
    preferably Cromalin or Matchprint; for re-edition a CD or DVD sample
  • Printable area
    particular information on the printable area is specified in greater detail in the individual drawings
DVD 5 18 mm / 118 mm
DVD 9 18 mm / 118 mm
DVD 10 18 mm / 33 mm a 18 mm / 44,5 mm
8 cm mini DVD 1,34 GB 18 mm / 78 mm
8 cm mini DVD 2,41 GB 18 mm / 78 mm
8 cm mini DVD 2,68 GB 18 mm / 33 mm a 18 mm / 44,5 mm

The optimum solution is to print only on the area covered by the reflective layer because the best printing quality and colour fastness can only be achieved in this area. If you choose to print as far as the centre of the disc, the colour shade of the motif printed on the non-metallized section of a CD or DVD will change; therefore we recommend using white for the base to minimise the colour aberration

  • Assembly marks 
  • If large single-colour areas are to be printed on the disc, CMYK screen printing using a silk-screen printing method is not at all suitable

Preparing the films for DVD printing
Data preparation for DVD printing