Printing on blank CD-R and DVD-R

Printing on CD-R and DVD-R can be realized only by using technology of silk-screen printing. Data has to be prepared in accordance with our technical specification.

The Conditions of media delivered by customer for printing

  • Media delivered by customer for printing must correspond with dimensional parameters according to specifications (especially thickness, flatness, dishing form,..). If those specifications are not kept the quality of printing cannot be guaranteed.
  • Media delivered by customer must be acceptable for screen printing with application of UV colours (mechanical resistance and resistance against UV radiance above all). Otherwise the resistance of its parameters and durability cannot be guaranteed for subsequent data burning.
  • The media are packed back to the cartons which we got them in, eventually they will be packed „on spindle“ by 600 pcs to the cartons (4 x 150 pcs inside).

The Offer of CD-R and DVD-R data carriers

  • There is a possibility to supply applicable, well tried and certificate media CD-R Taiyo Yuden Blank 48x, 80 mins. If there is interest in cheaper, superior and well-tried data carriers, other types can be offered – for example GigaMaster 700 MB etc. Analogical offer is for DVD-R data carriers as well. Following the request we can send price offer according to the actual prices.
  • The production time is on receipt of all complete data for the production 3 – 7 weekdays. Express production time can be agreed.
  • Payment conditions – standardly before delivery. Other payment conditions can be agreed.

Price list on request.