Music Catalogue

FERMATA, a.s., a major Czech manufacturer of CDs and DVDs, has a wide range of classical music and speciality genre titles available, and sells licences for their use on promotional CDs, greetings cards with a music CD, etc.

We offer titles of the publishing houses mentioned below:


CLARTON, Record Label

The company focuses on classical and concert brass music. Right from its inception, it has placed great emphasis on recording quality, from the choice of top performers through top recording teams to quality copies. An unusual degree of attention is given to the content and presentation of all printed matter.

EDIT, Record Label

EDIT, the music producer and publisher primarily dedicates to producing musical recordings in the areas of brass band, folk and country music, however it has not been averse to producing recordings in the classical field.

MUSIC VARS, Record Label

The MUSIC VARS record label has devoted to publishing of a classical music and brass music. Part of the publishing´s activities were also focused on publishing of contemporary composer´s classical music and music for children in the form of songs for children.

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