EDIT – Music Producers and Publishers

EDIT, the music producers and publishers, have been in operation on the domestic market for more than 10 years. Over this time, the company has been primarily dedicated to producing musical recordings in the areas of brass band, folk and country music, however it has not been averse to producing recordings in the classical field.

This conscious orientation has contributed to the compilation of a rich catalogue, which represents almost 200 published titles with circa 3000 compositions to date. The company has thus not only created an extensive and varied collection of famous and well-known artists/composers, but also of leading orchestras and groups spanning a wide spectrum of genres. Recordings by top brass bands such as Jan Slabák’s Moravanka are a guarantee of popular melodies and quality listening.


Not to be missed however is also the current range of recordings from the classical, folk and country music fields, complemented by classical Christmas melodies performed by the likes of Václav Hybš’s Orchestra or chamber orchestras and soloists.

Amongst other things, the company has also been long dedicated to the publication of music publications (textbooks) focusing for example on various areas of music education, listening education, the publication of musical manuscripts for small and large orchestras, and so on.

Petra Fantíková

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