Packaging and Transport of CDs and DVDs


  • An extensive range of standard types of plastic and paper covers are available, e.g. jewel-boxes, black and various coloured trays, single-boxes, multi-packs
  • (for 2,3,4,6 CDs), double slim packs, paper and plastic covers, covers for DVD, …
  • Cellophane covering
  • Foil (in a shrink wrap foil)
  • Associated manual work – adhering labels, inserting various cards, leaflets etc.
  • Machine assembly and hand wrapping of even non-standard products, complete with printed matter

Note.: The recommendation for a long-term storage of CDs and DVDs is to use special packaging, where is no direct contact between a recording area of the disc and another material. Especially for a long-term storage of the discs the usage of the simple plastic or paper envelopes is not recommended.


  • Transport world-wide
  • We cooperate in providing all the necessary customs and transport formalities.
  • Securing of customs clearance and supply of the products
  • Use of our own vehicle fleet
  • Express courier services (DHL, TNT, PPL, UPS, EMS, GP, Fedex….)
  • Use of renowned transport company services

We provide the transport of the goods from our stock and logistic center to the end customers in the set fixed dates for each expedition. According to customer requirements, we provide operative expeditions and deliveries.