Production of Printed Matters, Cases and Sleeves


We offer production of prints of all standard as well as custom-made types of prints and packaging, incl. the possibility of blind blocking, metal foil stamping (gold, silver,…), holograms, etc. Offset print is produced with the use of computer-controlled machines of global leading manufacturers.

  • Production of Special Printed Matters, Cases and Sleeves
  • Digipacks, card wallets (carton sleeves), digisleeves, boxes, sleeves
  • Jewel boxes, slim boxes, single boxes, multipack boxes, Amaray-style boxes, metal boxes, foam and plastic clips
  • Wallets of polypropylene foil (with the possibility of rear gluing or without it)
  • Paper envelopes with a window (with the possibility of rear gluing or without it)
  • Production of greetings cards with a cutout for a CD or DVD (see greetings cards with a CD and DVD)
  • Cellophane, foil packaging
  • Production of custom-made printed matters, cases and sleeves

DTP studio – Graphic Work

Brief basic recommendation for linear bar codes

The recommendation for a long-term storage of CDs and DVDs is to use special packaging, where is no direct contact between a recording area of the disc and another material. Especially for a long-term storage of the discs the usage of the simple plastic or paper envelopes is not recommended.

Technical specification for CDs and DVDs for basic types of printed matters (prints). You will be provided by detailed technical specification in case of realization of your inquiry.