Storage and logistic services

Do you need to store CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs in various types of packaging? We own storage capacity for storing not only discs, but all kinds of goods except of food.

Our big advantage is the flexibility and quick response to individual orders. It is also possibility of the individual security of the storage space.

Services will be set exactly to your requirements. Within storage we also offer services such as repacking, relabelling, packing into cellophane or foil, etc.

Layout of the storage and logistic center Čelákovice:

  • The position of the warehouse and company headquarters is 15 km east of Prague, 8 km from the motorway exit
  • Storage area – up to 10,000 pallet places
  • Shipping and incoming area with a capacity of up to 150 pallet places
  • 24 hours (non-stop) servis, only night and weekend operations must be reported in advance
  • Accessible area for loading and unloading of trucks and passenger cars

Cardboard Boxes on Pallet Truck Isolated on White

Storage and manipulating

We currently have storage facilities with a capacity up to 10,000 pallet locations. Storage spaces are tempered, the minimum temperature is 15 ° C. Warehouses are secured by electronic security and CCTV. Warehouses also have an electronic fire alarm. We are able to ensure the insurance against the elements and theft on the customer‘s request.

In addition to the separate storage services, we offer also services related to packaging or repackaging, cellophane wrapping, price tags labeling, assembling and packaging into individual shipments, which are shipped in the cardboard boxes or/and on the pallets.

We have our own computer system, which is built for the store management. We register the products in the computer system that allows you to quickly obtain information about the current state of the warehouse. In addition, you can look into the stock inventory via the Web interface. We can provide individual inventorying and audits in the presence of the customer and the Commissioner.

We can make the inspection of the goods, which were delivered into our stock, such as the checking weight or recount of the pieces, etc.


Storage area – up to 10,000 pallet places


We offer comprehensive services from packaging to assembly and shipment to the customer.


Warehouses are secured by electronic security and CCTV.

Overview of offered activities:

  • unloading of the goods by our staff from a vehicle using handling equipment,
  • acceptance of goods including income control,
  • manual and mechanized handling of goods inside the warehouse (piece, carton, pallete),
  • sorting and recalculation of goods according to customer specifications,
  • ecological disposal of unusable pieces (according to the type of stored goods),
  • storage of goods,
  • warehouse management and stock records using computer software with the possibility of looking at stocks on-line,
  • goods are marked with a pallete place during storage, palletes and boxes on a pallete are labeled with the name of the goods and their batch, storage card and supplier,
  • possibility of using our staff for individual inventory (physical and computer) or audit according to needs,
  • packaging or repackaging,
  • price tags or barcode labeling,
  • shring-wrapping or cellophaning,
  • unloading of goods is based on individual requirements,
  • logistic operations run on working days from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm, outside the stated time by agreement.


Logistic services

We offer complete logistic services – shipping of the stored or produced goods to the final customer.

Full logistic service includes:

the pick up of the goods at the destination according to your instructions.

transport to our logistic and storage center

subsequent storage under the specified conditions

making of the individual orders according to the sent dispositions

distribution to end customers via own transport within Prague and its surroundings or via reputable transporting companies all over the world (road transport, air and water transport).

Cross – docking

We also offer cross-docking services. We ensure the smooth flow of your goods into our warehouse and out of our warehouse. We try to fulfil the orders with minimum time loss. We process the incoming goods for subsequent distribution of the shipments from the warehouse for the individual customers.


  • Transport world-wide
  • We cooperate in providing all the necessary customs and transport formalities.
  • Securing of customs clearance and supply of the products
  • Use of our own vehicle fleet
  • Express courier services (DHL, TNT, PPL, UPS, EMS, GP, Fedex….)
  • Use of renowned transport company services

We provide the transport of the goods from our stock and logistic center to the end customers in the set fixed dates for each expedition. According to customer requirements, we provide operative expeditions and deliveries

If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us and we will discuss all the options!