Printing House – Printing Services

During the year 2012, we built up own printing house and managed to expand the portfolio of our services, thus we can respond more flexibly to the demands of our current and new customers. Therefore, we are now able to implement print production not only in response to the replication and packaging of the optical storage media CD and DVD. We are able to offer the production of such products which are newly fully independent services to our customers.

FERMATA printing company is a holder of Certificate of Conformity with the printing standard ISO 12647-2: 2004/Amd1: 2007.

Our DTP studio checks your artworks at first and then we do the printing through offset or digital printing machine. And we do the further processing such as lamination, cutting, bending, gluing, collating, folding, stitching, perforation, etc. At the end we provide packaging and logistic services.

Offset print

Offset printing is ideal for printing large volumes – hundreds and thousands or hundreds of thousands of pieces. You can print CMYK or spot color or CMYK + 5th spot color. Surface finishing directly after printing can be done with dispersion varnish (glossy or matt).

Digital print

The advantage of digital printing is its speed order processing and its suitability for printing low quantities. The digital machine is not possible to print on some types of paper can not be printed in spot colors.

Press portfolio – production possibilities

  • Booklets
  • Inlays
  • Digipacks
  • Digisleeves
  • Carton Wallets
  • Sleeves
  • Slipcases
  • Flyers
  • Post cards
  • Posters up to format 780 x 580 mm
  • Brochures, manuals, catalogues, etc. with binding V1 (cover + 96 inner pages basic mode) max. format 240 x 365 mm
  • Boxes
  • Greeting cards
  • Folders
  • Promotional materials
  • Business cards

Equipment of printing house and processing possibilities

  • Maximum format of plate:  B1


  • Number of colours: 5
  • Number of varnish units: 1
  • Type of varnishing: spread disperse varnishing
  • Maximum printing format: 785 x 585 mm
  • Minimum thickness of printed media: 0,09 mm
  • Maximum thickness of printed media: 0,6 mm
  • Automatic preset of colour sample book via CIP 3 protocol


  • Maximum format: 660 x 364 mm
  • Minimum thickness of printed media: 0,5 mm

Binding V1

  • Collating
  • Minimum format of folded publication: 118 x 90 mm
  • Maximum format of folded publication: 297 x 210 mm

Segment collating

  • Covering with three knife trimmer
  • Minimum format of folded publication: 118 x 119 mm
  • Maximum format of folded publication: 370 x 297 mm
  • Maximum input format: 840 x 520 mm
  • Possibility up to 9 folds
  • Maximum format: 1000 x 707 mm
  • Maximum format of paper: 1050 x 750 mm
  • Thickness of cutting material: 0,1 – 2 mm


  • Minimum format: 100 x 60 mm
  • Maximum format: 670 x 1000 mm


  • Gluing of CD, DVD and BD trays
  • Maximum format: 420 x 297 mm