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250 88 Celakovice
Czech Republic

phone: +420 326 901 311
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e-mail: cdf@fermata.cz

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Scratch-off colour CDs and DVD5s

For special purposes the technology has been developed that allows the individual coding of each CD and DVD (an alphanumeric code or a simple graphic) with a scratch-off covering that can easily be removed using a fingernail or other soft plastic object.

We do not recommend that you remove the coating using a metal object (a coin, etc.) as you might damage 
the recording on the CD or DVD.

The scratch-off coating can be used for lotteries, pre-paid phone cards, tickets, magazine competitions, limited series CDs and DVDs, protection against unauthorised copying and so on.

The use of scratch-off colour implies certain technical restrictions on the label printing of the CD or DVD 
(e.g. the number of colours, the location of the scratch-off covering), and therefore you should always discuss the actual printing of the CD with us in advance.

DVD & CD - scratch off colourOur use of a scratch-off colour on CDs and DVDs has been approved and registered by the Industrial Property Office as a protected utility model.