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Zarubova 1678
250 88 Celakovice
Czech Republic

phone: +420 326 901 311
fax: +420 326 992 256
e-mail: cdf@fermata.cz

GPS coordinate:  Loc: 50°9'49.42"N, 14°46'9.699"E

Providing of full services in a replication of CDs and DVDs media

FERMATA, a.s. provides a very wide range of services covering both production of pressed CD and DVD media as well as related services, including printing, external media, packaging and distribution.

FERMATA, a. s. - mastering, replicating, printing CD and DVDProduction of CD Media

Production of DVD Media

DTP Services

We offer all graphic work and services for the creating and processing images to be printed on discs (CD, 
mini CD and DVD, CD business cards, CD greetings, promotional CD and DVD
) and compact disc covers (printed materials). The resulting exposure of films is carried out using the most suitable parameters for the given motif and type of print.

Printing services - Printed Matters not only for CDs and DVDs

During the year 2012, we built up own printing house and we managed to expand the portfolio of our services, thus we can respond more flexibly to the demands of our current and new customers. We provide a production of a printed matters not only for CDs and DVDs packaging in a range of our production possibilities.

Packaging and Transport of CDs and DVDs

For packaging of media we use the complete range of standard types of plastic or paper cases, envelopes and sleeves, incl. custom-made packaging. Naturally, we provide cellophane and shrink-wrap packaging and other services. We distribute finished products to the whole world, incl. arrangement for all transport and customs documents.

Storage and logistic services

Do you need a storage? We offer self storage capacity not only for the optical storage media, but all the kinds of the goods except of food storage - capacity  up to 10,000 pallet places.

Ecological recycling

We act responsibly and care for the environment. We offer environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray media including printed materials and plastic packaging.

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